is building the first ever Metaverse Shopping Center!

( ʃɑp vɜrs ) a fantastical adventure into the genesis collection by with real world Shopping utility.. is building the first ever Metaverse Shopping Center.

The Shopverse genesis collection will have a lot of power here on our platform and in the virtual world. 


  • Stage 1

    Purchase land in Sandbox and Decentraland to construct metaverse shopping mall.

  • Stage 2

    a. Complete construction of Shopverse in the metaverse

    b. Open for NFT stakers to rent a store in the Shopverse Mall.

    c. Positioning of your Store will be available with established NFT prices. Example: ( If you wanted to own a store in the Shopverse Mall that is close to the front of the store — it may cost you 20-30 NFT's to be locked up in the staking contract to take that position ) while other stores farther away will cost less in quantities of NFT's to be staked to lease the land.

  • Stage 3

    Will be targeting additional Metaverse projects to be able to build their own crypto eCommerce stores using's promotions and backend for their metaverse products.

Other Plans

a. Access to daily deals section on / beta access for concierge and auctions.

b. Partner with other Metaverse projects to have them host their own stores in the Metaverse Mall.

c. NFT will serve as a metaverse pass for exclusive giveaway events and parties ONLY in the Metaverse Mall.

d. We will also collaborate with other platforms to do events in our Metaverse land.

NFT Reveal Date

The NFTs will be revealed 24 hours after public launch. 

Wallet Limits

DAY One: 3 NFTs per wallet
Day Two:  1 NFT per wallet
Day Three: 5 NFTs per wallet

Allocation Notice

150 NFTs will be reserved for Arbel Arif — CEO and Owner of with 77 of those NFTs going to JRNYCrypto

And this is only the beginning! is the first functioning bridge between cryptocurrency and eCommerce in a rapidly changing tech-centric world. Visit Website